Dr. Lankapalli Bullayya College

Science Club

The Bio-Verve ,Biotechnology Club was initiated by students and staff members, who are involved in Biotechnology related research activities. The committee manages smooth functioning of the club. The main objective of the club is to promote the professional activities pertaining to Biotechnology research, Training, Teaching and policy. The club will be involved in holding workshop, seminar, symposium and conference of students in different fields of the Biotechnology. It also proposes to invite eminent personalities from Universities and Industry to enlighten the club members with their experiences in their fields of specialization.
Aims and Objectives
To promote the professional activities pertaining to biotechnology research, training, teaching and policy.
To inculcate feeling of fellowship among the members of the club and take care of their general interest.
To create awareness among the general public about various aspects of Biotechnology.
To provide information about career opportunities to the Biotech students.

The club provides opportunities in:
Research projects
Biotech company tours
Field trips
Training on new equipment
Community projects

The main goal of the Biotechnology Club is to provide a space for students with an interest in Biotech to gather, learn, network, and have fun.