Dr. G. Madhu Kumar

Secretary & Correspondent

I welcome the young students who wish to pursue the higher learning and expand the horizons of their knowledge. Whether you are an inquisitive learner or an ambitious scholar, I advise you to go through our Web site. The college web site has been developed to convey the essence and tradition of our unique institution. You are opening up your future to a world of possibilities and Bullayya College's faculty and staff feel honoured to partner with you in your educational journey. I invite you to examine our diverse graduate and post-graduate programs. We offer a comprehensive selection of courses and branches of knowledge that assure proper instruction to compete for flourishing careers in your chosen professions.

I have the privilege of serving as the Secretary of this wonderful institution and am eager to share with you all that make Bullayya College the special place that it is. Renowned for its progressive approach to education, has the legacy of providing quality teaching in a friendly environment. Respect for the individual and creative methods of teaching in the curriculum, are the salient features of our campus education. Our faculty and staff endeavor to provide the best education to you. They are deeply committed to the cause of your education. Our academic programs will strengthen your skills and guide you in the right direction.

Ideally located in the heart of the city (in roads island) on 10 acre land, the college offers highly respected and accredited academic programs. The college is a nonprofit educational institution with high level dedication to innovative training. Today, the college educates more than 7500 students and provides a variety of academic services for the all-round development of our students. You can have a unique opportunity to engage in learning in a beautiful setting that celebrates the idyllic ambience and natural environment of Visakhapatnam, a place situated between the wonderful seascape of Bay of Bengal and the magnificent landscape of Coastal foothills,the Eastern Ghats on the Indian sub continent.Ideal locale surrounded by a natural setting that fuels the mind as our asset.

Through this site:
Our modern facilities that provide an excellent learning environment and advanced equipment to fully develop the skills needed in today's educational pursuits.

Observe our co-curricular programs, including literary, cultural, N.C.C., N.S.S., and sports. You will recognize that sports & games are an integral component of the College's total curriculum. The sports tradition at Bullayya College is widely admired by the academic circles. The College enjoys outstanding success in inter-university competitions producing many top players locally and nationally.