Dr. Lankapalli Bullayya College

English Club

Discussion Club was initiated by the Department of English to hone the oratory skills of the students and also to enhance their knowledge base. A wide variety of topics under various categories like science, environment, technology, political, literary and general are discussed. There has been a tremendous response from the students and their vibrant participation enriched the discussion club.

Category Topic of Discussion
SCIENCE Origin of diamonds Migration of birds Chart presentation on Awareness of Cancer Volcanic eruption (charts & files) Swine flu Pollution Mars Orbit Mission (MOM) Astronauts and Scientists Flight accidents Ideas that changed the world Core of the earth
GENERAL Bermuda triangle Women entrepreneurship How technology changes people and how people change technology Hudhud cyclone video Usage of Indian products instead of foreign products Unity is strength Impact of gadgets on modern youth Social networks Traditions of India Patent rights Amazing things in the world Movements in India Road safety Seven wonders of the Ancient World Shakti peethas (ppt)
ENVIRONMENT Paper recycling Chart presentation on plastics Natural disasters Pollution Natural resources Helping nature Scenic beauties Clay idols
TECHNOLOGY Cloud computing Tele communications and Networking
SOCIAL Poverty Refugee mother and child Chart presentation of Dr. Abdul Kalam Youth in politics (ppt) Indian politics Indus valley civilisation
LITERATURE Famous poets and authors Literary works of Ruskin Bond Prose and poetry lessons Modernity in English words Chart presentation on Shakespeare Miming of proverbs Importance of English Skit (people and their mind set) Quiz on English Anagrams